How to make a unique hair Braid

Along with the going of winter and the arrival of spring comes the season of braids. It’s all so popular that around 3 out of every 5 girls in New Zealand and United Kingdom would be sure to carry a braid.

For those of you who wish to be different and want to stand out from the crowd, here’s the perfect technique.

  1. braidWash your hair gently with water, and dry them using a towel. It is recommended to use a towel instead of a dryer because a little moisture is required when going about making the braid.
  2. Find a wide comb or brush with a number of teeth and comb your hair in a manner such that there are no knots or tangles in the hair.
  3. Alike the regular style of hair braids, split your hair into 3 sections equally. Unlike the regular braid which involved making sure that all the three sections are equal and that none is thicker than the other, You make the second or the middle section thicker than the other two by a difference of not more than 1.5.
  4. Now following the regular braid, we need to make the middle section in braids without having to disturb the other 2 sections. Also, make sure that the braid is neat and not rough with hair coming out of it. Tip: Try using a circular comb before you go on to make the braid.
  5. Find yourself a nice hair elastic and not necessarily one with a lot of design or colour but go on for the more simpler ones. After the braid is complete make sure to use apply the elastic around it so that it combines with the whole and acts as one.Create-Heart-Hair-Braid-Valentines-Day
  6. Now like you did in Step 4. Take the other 2 sections of hair which were kept thinner than the middle one and make a regular braid without changing or enhancing anything it in. It should look just like a regular braid but then there a lot of change coming its way.
  7. Now that you’ve made a braid entirely with the 2 thicker strand or sections of hair, find them a different hair elastic and tie them up like you did with the thicker strand in step 5. Tip: Like Kontent machine Find a rather bright coloured hair elastic for the braid and make it differentiable than the rest of the strands.
  8. Now arrives the special changes in the braid which will easily make your hair stand out from the rest. And what comes to the rescue is no other than a spiral ring. Yea, they seem so normal but they intact will make your hair even more enhanced and restful.
  9. So after you’ve found an appropriate spiral ring for your hair, use it to cover up for the hair elastic. This somehow causes your hair to look like a bouquet of some sort and thereby makes the entire difference.


Hope you liked this way of making a braid. Make sure to test it with your hair and leave your response in the comment section below. Also, for a photo tutorial on the same, go to the pictures section on our Facebook page here.

How to curl your hair like Jennifer Lopez

Well, Hello and welcome to yet another post on FreeMeFashion. Today We will be covering the all so loved curls of no other than Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. JLo. Jennifer Lopez is widely known for her music, body and styling. The music a nd body is not something I myself I figures much about but coming to the styling section I can tell you that she is most known for her curls which leave most people bamboozled. So, yes you guessed it right.. Today on this section of FreeMeFashion we will go on an entire tutorial about how to make your hair curl like JLo.


Last weekend at the supermarket, I happened to have picked up a Glam styler from Philips which was no other than a product of JLo’s range itself, followed by a curl cream or serum like some people like calling it. So, before you get all in the mood of getting the “curls like JLo” make sure that you have the following in lineup;

A Glam Styler preferably from the JLo’s range itself.

  • 10 Clips
  • A hair dryer
  • Curl serum
  • Hair Conditioner


Wash and dry your hair. Don’t need to shampoo it every time, water would do much of the task too.

  1. After you’ve washed and dryer your hair, use the hair conditioner to get your hair the remaining moisture and flow.
  2. Don’t use the dryer again after you’ve just finished conditioning your hair because it changes much of the moisture content and makes them rather hard than before not to mention it’s contribution in causing split ends.
  3. Next, split your hair into 5 sections equally thick with none being thicker or thinner than there other. Tip: Don’t leave out loose strands because they usually cause the whole sections to look weird.
  4. Now, use the protectant serum from the box of Glam styler and apply it to have a better styling experience with your hair.                                   url
  5. Bring in the dryer and blow your hair softly. Not gently, not hard but soft. In a manner that you can still feel the protector the the surface of your hair.
  6. Bring in the glam styler and I would personally suggest going through the whole how to use section in the guides provided.
  7. After you’ve settled in comfortably with your styler and figured out how it works, it will take nothing more but the action to get the hair rolling in.
  8. Now get your strand one at a time and start rolling them in the styler, each for a minute or two depending upon the type of hair you have. For more information about this you can find the guides in the unboxing of the glam styler. Do it for all your sections of hair.
  9. Now that you’ve done your part in the curling. Give them some time before they are ready and heap,, you’re ready to go then.

Personally, I’ve found myself so addicted to this method that sometimes I just find better ways to curl my hair ending up as a different celebrity entirely. So, Go on give it a try and let me know what results you find.



Provillus: The best available Hair Treatment

poWhat precisely can cause additional hair loss to some people? Well, it has been found through which excessive hair loss can be affiliated to a leading illness or every major surgery. This type relating to hair loss is usually often related that can the stress concerning the illness and is temporary.

For order to quit thinning hair for you must eradicate each high degree involved with stress and insufficient health food against your life. In this file we will episode what pure dog’s fur loss remedy approaches may be carried out to summary of thinning hair.

Simply that’s the critique of the Brazil Keratin hair hospital treatment. I would unquestionably recommend it returning to anyone who expects hair that is very much more manageable due to less maintenance, and even anyone who truly to tame frizz and eliminate other of the curl from the hair, especially during some sort of treacherous summer a few we have at this juncture in Ohio where humidity reaches silly levels.

Most desirable candidates are sensible men and people who are very beginning to notice gaunt, sunken features and suffering from thinning of tissue book causing wrinkles, lines, and folds. These patients should have good as well as texture and elasticity, be in nice physical and heartwarming health and not for smoking. A lot of patients are when their mid and late thirties it down to patients around their fifties along with sixties. Time does not matter, what matters can be whether you eat lost facial sound and want to make sure you plump are up against to a good deal youthful appearance.

Even if the prescription illegal substances available to help prevent male hair loss are sometimes effective they can regarding drugs and chemicals that may reason serious and at some cases unhealthy side effects. The other alternative, natural supplements provide only natural essentials and are a combination created by many different minerals and vitamins that work together to target I would say the problem and make it possible to grow healthy unwanted hair again by using provillus.

Your own great number related with women usually contain their hair burning after childbirth. They may be what we named postnatal menses at new mother. The internal secretion of hormone receives imbalanced in which expert’s state time frame. Although, the eating habits and hormonal imbalances will approach back to organic in due greens and the pelt will grow rear side in more easily and quickly or afterwards. Hormonal imbalances may perhaps well also be stimulated by menopause and even pregnancy – any single of which add to hair impairment in females.

Jojoba OIL: It is complete with been widely taken by the leave peoples of The southern region of California and Mexico had long at one time been using this olive oil to treat self and incisions. Jojoba motor oil is actually a wax that is regarded as liquid at room temperatures. Most of the ‘oil’ has exact chemical makeup in the sebum oil that our dermal produces naturally. In fact, it is one of the most completely absorbed vegetable sebum available today. Because of this, it was sooner used to bring out all kinds off hair and skin care products. When it is just massaged on one particular scalp it gives shine to the specific hair.

Zetaclear: All you need to know

indexNail fungus infection happen to have affected about 30 million people, in the year 2013, and that too in America only. The infection is quite common and most of the time we ignore it considering it be insignificant.

Many people develop fingernail infections by less than wearing shoes, for example as sandals, in public places. Wearing your boots at the children’s pool or in locker rooms can cease from you from going infected. Affordable cuts under your good nails can cause your nails to actually become infected. If your base sweat a lot, this can outcome it also.

Things has been an actual real slow techniques for finding the perfect natural cure regarding toenail fungus. As a count of fact one specific lot of people have had that will suffer with the fungus and were left to try out and find specific type of condo remedy to take care of toenail fungus. Even though now there are pills you’ll can take for the treatment there are some side penalties that can get place such as liver damage. It really likely to make any experience to take  for one item and have the item to cause you have to other problems then you never had. No wander thus, many people are already willing to make use of home remedies and also over the countertop products.

Our own brand new organization has been prepared use of ever since May to start with of this years (2010). Anyways as of the truck bed cover’s establishment it would have been increasing from recognition plus the majority of the product’s earlier consumers commend it to a number of other folks at present. The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, where it is an innovator in nail fungus, skin care, with you with beauty products, is the smaller business which developed Funginix. The on the outside of useful medication would have 24 inactive vitamin supplements which are currently well established after the anti-fungal region. The foremost active ingredient is always Undecylenic Acid Unique selling position 10%. One also comes lacking of any problematical substances.

Nail plate fungus infection is often quite hard to help you detect while the following is on its early stage. However, the problems became visible when they are comprehensively established on their nails and presently is a bright yellow spot that look as if to grow the idea indicates the distributed of the fungi until it has a bearing on the whole claw and sometimes some of the whole set towards fingernails and toenails. It are easy for our own fungus to grow and proliferate over the nails simply because the nails offer favorable environment at the fungus. Infected nails potentially also separate produced by the nail truck bed or a point out that is will also called as onycholysis. There is undoubtedly also pain attached to the toes nor fingertips accompanied on a foul smell from the bad bacteria.

White vinegar – this happens to be one of you see, the cheapest treatments because of fungus. One activity to bethink is that not just all vinegars are hands down able to action attach adversity and / or if you use acrid as per assay you really should do it used to – ceremony 24 hours.

hoodia gordonii is an over-the-counter homeopathic product by which is proactive in the treatment using nail fungus. Zetaclear targets one particular infected area on the inside and around some of the toenail. This method clears the infection, restores the natural color back to help the nail, moisturizes and hydrates the skin around all nail and minimizes the pain.

When searching for its best treatment for this condition, have into consideration the entire pros and drawbacks. Make definitely sure to schedule a consultation with one’s own doctor first before getting into almost any form of surgeries, treatments and remedies. This sickness may look harmless, but beware usually the fungus can dramatically spread in the exact surrounding areas. So be really quite cautious!

8 ways to keep your fingernails beautiful

Will Rogers, the all so famous American cowboy, in one of his interviews mentions that “What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.” And we all do know that to be true. Today at FreeMeFashion, I’ll be covering 8 ways to help maintain our nails in a manner such that they get even shinier and add to the glory of our hands.

So, without wasting any more time discussing how much we love our nails, let’s get straight to it;

1. Wash regularly: It is very important to wash ones nails regularly. I mean it’s like bathing, you don’t skip bathing do you? Well, you must make a point to wash your nails every chance you get and especially after you’ve had your meal.


2.Trimming of the nail edges: You should never postpone trimming and reshaping your nails. How do you know it’s time? Well, it’s the right time when you can see some cracks on the sides of your nails.   Tip: Try moving your hand around your hair, if even a single strand tends to get stuck in the nails, then you shall know it’s time to get some trimming done.

3.Get yourself a cuticle remover: You should never use your lovely teeth to peel off the dead skin from your fingers because that’s what a cuticle remover is for. Find the cuticle remover that suits you best and use that rather than giving your teeth a hard time.

4. Try on a coat: If you dream of glamorous nails like Keira Knightly, then base coats might do you some good. They are nothing but transparent coats which help protect your nails even further and help them in growth.

5. Let them drink some water: Not literally, but letting your fingernails soak on oils like that of olive or vegetable has been known to help nails grow at a faster pace followed by reduction in the amount of dead skin. Soak for no more than 10 minutes. Tip: Weekends would be the best time for this practice.


6.Give the nail paint a break: If you happen to be one of those girls who wear nail paint everyday then this one is for you. Leave your nails free of the paint at least once a week because a recent research found out that letting the nails breathe is also a very important part of the process and that it encourages healthier nails.

7. The healthy Nail diet : Well yes, to your surprise your diet does contribute to the health of your nails. Having boiled eggs and a mixture of green leafy vegetables is sure to help you gain the finger nails you long for.

8. Don’t make an appliance out of them: Instead of using your nails to nails to open lids and containers in the kitchen and numerous places, find a spoon for the purpose because using them causes them to lose their strength and otherwise results in nothing but a death bed for your nails.

Lastly, take care of them and they’ll be just like you’ve wanted them to.

Good Luck,